How to Check Battery Percentage on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

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In iPhone 11 & iPhone 12 you will likely find that the absence of a battery marker in the status bar is somewhat aggravating. While the new iPhones have improved battery life, that won’t be enough to keep many people out of control over their device’s battery life.
In the event that you hope to show the remainder of your battery speed on the status bar of your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, get ready for disappointment. Because of the space, there is essentially not sufficient space on the right edge of the screen to put the battery speed. So Apple has thought of the following best fix. Battery speed is shrouded in Control Center.

  1. Go to Control Center

    Swipe down on the upper-right corner of the screen in picture or scene mode to get to Control Center.iphone 12

  2. Find Battery Percentage

    On the top right corner. You will find battery percentage left on your iPhone. Just easily swipe up the screen to close control center screen display .

  3. Another Alternative Method

    When you put your iPhone to charging or on wireless charger . it will display you battery percentage .iphone battery check

  4. Ask SIRI to tell you battery percentage

    Just say “Hey Siri, please tell me the current charge on my iPhone.

  5. Add Battery Widget to iPhone 12’s Home Screen to Check Battery Percentage

    Prior to iOS 14, there was restricted gadget uphold on the iPhone. For example, clients couldn’t change the gadget size and the capacity to include gadgets the home screen was absent. iOS 14 fixes them and permits the clients to browse three unique gadgets size.
    You can include the inherent Battery gadget to the Today View menu or the Home Screen that features the rest of the battery rate on the iPhone just as the battery life of associated gadgets. Follow the means beneath to add the battery gadget to the home screen.

  6. Unlock your iPhone and go to the home screen

  7. Long-press on an empty screen or on an app icon

  8. You will see an editable home screen with the ability to remove icon

  9. Tap on the ‘+’ icon at the upper left corner.

  10. Widget Panel

    It will open the gadget board from the base with an inquiry bar at the top and gadgets with upheld application names in the base looking over menu.

  11. Tap on the Battery widget to add on the iPhone home screen.

  12. Choose Widget

    he framework will feature the gadget see and it will request that you browse the distinctive gadget sizes accessible. You can choose either Small, Medium, or a Large gadget.

  13. Tap on the ‘Add Widget‘ button at the bottom to add it to your home screen

    iphone 12 widget

  14. Alternative Method

    On the other hand, you can swipe left to raise the Today View on your iPhone. Long push on an unfilled space and it will raise the alternative to alter the Today see. You can tap on the ‘+’ symbol at the upper left corner and add the Battery gadget to the Today View.iphone 12 widget

  15. Gradually press and hold the additional device and instinctively the chosen battery device to the home screen. This will move the images and make room for the device.
    Until, aside from the remote possibility of you walking away from your iPhone 12, it is incredibly unlikely that you will show the rest of the battery speed directly in the status bar.
    In case you use an Apple Watch, then take a look at our article to find a way to check the iPhone battery level on your Apple Watch so you don’t have to turn off your iPhone from your pocket to find out how much battery is left.

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