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Many Types & Qualities

Hey guys what’s up its Jerry Shaw so today I thought I would do and would do this review on phone cases  . I’m going to be comparing the many different cases you can get for your smart phone devices .I’ve been wanting to do this review for so long I like to keep a list of ideas , just things that you guys that I’ve noticed that you guys tend to gravitate towards this topic about phone cases . So today is going to be a review all about the best phone cases I get so many questions about which phone case to buy for iPhone or Samsung phones. Even though there are thousands of varieties of smart phones available for you to buy generally. My favorites now speaking variety of cases for these phones they pretty much identical throughout the board.

So I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite phone cases it’s time to check them out. Every couple of months I’m just depending on you know how I’m feeling before we get started don’t forget to come follow me on Instagram and also subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I post videos every single week and just constantly I’m interacting with you guys on Instagram & facebook.

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Fancy or Practical ?

So let’s go ahead and get started first thing I want to say is that I have an iPhone I have an iPhone 11Pro Max s . I am sure that there are many  companies providing phone cases for all sorts of and I’ll try to help you guys the best I can do with this review . Word los full of choices , your standard snap-on cases either clear or coated then you’ve got your rubberized cases there’s also the rugged protective cases as well as the bumpers . Of course the wallet cases now obviously there are a thousand other types of cases you can buy.

iphone 11 leather case

Leader In Phone Cases & Accessories

welcome to CoverZoid your trusted source for cell phone accessories from stylish designs to hardened protection we offer a wide range of phone covers to fit your many needs for eye-catching protection. Our artist inspired design face plates are vibrant and match any personality we offer all types of phone cases suitable to your daily use .  If you are looking for clean minimalistic protection from scratches then we’ve got that as well rubberized hard cover . It offers easy Snap-On installation with soft texture and lightweight protection. Best in its class from scratch sand dust while our silicon and TPU cases come in super flexible material with easy slip-on design available in many different colors but if you still want Premium Rumble ready protection and take a look at our heavy duty covers extra layers extra protection extra value.


So let’s start at the top your thin snap-on cases now you can either go with the clear option or you can get a colored coated option . The pros of these cases are that they’re very minimal they don’t detract much from the original design of the phone and they protect the back and sides of your phone . From small damages such as scratches or little bumps for those of you with glass backed phones.

The coated variety of these cases also go some way to provide anti-slip protection which is great on the con side they actually don’t provide much protection for bigger drops your phones are definitely still at a large risk of being severely damaged and you still got to take probably just as much  care with your phone in the case as you did without the case.

iphone 11 slim case

Cool Looks 

Guys you know you need this type of case so just accept that your phone is not going to look as nice as it does without one and then buy a super rugged one for the people in the first category buying this sort of a case so that you can sell it one day well this is a tough. Rugged cases they absolutely ruin the prettiness of your phone if you care about what your phone looks like this is not the type of case for you.

Finally you’ve got your leather cases the biggest pro for me anyway about these cases is that getting fancier , decent stylish look . In particular we don’t need to carry around much more than a credit card and a license so these cases offer ample space for that . I don’t know about you but I always have a hard time finding my wallet so I was genuinely considering using this on my daily driver they also offer pretty decent protection .

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